HGTV Gardening Shows

Since launching in 1994, HGTV has grown exponentially to include an impressive collection of entertaining and informative home decorating and improvement shows. The channel is available in the United States and Canada and can be found on channel 450 on AT&T U-verse in most viewing areas. Not an AT&T U-verse customer? Switch now with a Uverse coupon code and depending on which plan you get, you may receive up to $200 in a promotion card!

Below we will highlight three of the network’s favorite shows:

Gardening By The Yard – Premiering in 1996, the show featured gardener Paul James and many of the episodes were taped in his own backyard in Oklahoma. The premise was to show homeowners how to create a great looking garden without having to spend too much time or effort. Focus is placed on the simple basics of gardening, rather than getting into anything too fancy.

Yard Crashers – It’s an interesting premise – unsuspecting shoppers casually browsing around in their local home improvement store are approached by host Ahmed Hassan, a professional landscaper who offers to go home with them and give their property the Cinderella treatment. Many shoppers are so taken off guard they aren’t sure how to react. Others think it is a complete hoax and turn him down before he can start to make his case. Yet eventually Ahmed always manages to find an individual or couple who agree to bring the whole crew home with them. What follows is a total makeover on their yards and porches that never fails to amaze.

The Outdoor Room With Jamie Durie – Australian Jamie Durie is an award-winning landscape designer who has traveled across the pond to create many an exquisite outdoor oasis. Trouble is, he was unable to bring along his own hometown design team, so he has gathered together a new bunch of noteworthy designers. Each episode features an exacting new challenge that tests the skill and patience of each of his workers as they fight to please their perfectionist boss. Despite all of the sweat and tears, the outcome is always magnificent.

Enjoy these and many other entertaining gardening shows on HGTV!

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