Top 10 Garden Perennials to Spice Up Your Garden

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the trees are green once again. It is that time of year to start working in your garden. Perhaps you love this time of year, along with choosing and planting new flowers, annuals, each year. But if you are someone who wants to really make an investment in your garden, and in the work that you put into it, you may be wondering what flowers are available that you don’t have to plant each year, otherwise known as perennials.

For once, you think you might enjoy spending less time planting each year and more time watching your hard work return each spring. With the right planning, and correct plant and flower choices, you can sit back and relax next spring as you watch your perennial garden come to life. Here are the top 10 perennials you may want to consider for your garden space.

Great for borders, the Veronica Sunny Border Blue Speedwell, has blue spikes. It doesn’t grow extremely tall, so it can be used in front as a border. This beautiful flower usually blooms from early summer to late autumn, making it a good choice to add beauty all season long. It does best in full sun, or just a small amount of shade.

Purple Coneflower, or Echinacea purpurea Magnus, is a prairie wildflower. It blooms mid-summer into early autumn. It thrives best in full sun and is hardy up to 40 degrees F below zero. Its petals grow downward, and it is a daisy style flower.

With Czech and German origins, the Black-Eyed Susan, is known as an American icon. It multiplies quickly and makes the perfect pass-along plant. This Goldsturm is a prairie flower that blooms in mid-summer through late fall. It grows to about 2 to 2.5 feet tall at its peak.

The Blue Pincushion flower pairs well with another perennial in the top 10, the Coreopsis Moonbeam. It blooms mid-summer to early fall, enjoys full sun to light shade, and grows to about 14 inches tall. It is hardy up to 30 degrees F below zero.

Blue Perennial Sage is also another popular perennial. It is referred to as May Night and has a blue to black colored flower. You will find it blooms mid-summer to late fall, as many of the other top 10 perennials. It grows to about 28 inches and does best in full sun.

The Threadleaf Tickseed, or Moonbeam, offers a yellow color and a ferny appearance. By itself it may not be that impressive, but pair it with another perennial of blue or yellow color, and you have a winning couple. It blooms in the early summer through the fall and does well in full sun to light shade.

Russian Sage, Purple Coralbells, Pink Astilbe and Purple-Leaved Beard-Tongue are among the rest of the top 10 garden perennials. You can choose to have an all perennial garden, or use some annuals to change it up a bit each year. It all depends on how much time you have to tend to your garden in the spring, your budget, and your personal tastes. Knowing more about the top 10 garden perennials can help you decide what is a good fit for your garden.

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